We were pleasantly surprised by the food here at the Chinese restaurant of Hong Kong Club – great Peking duck and BBQ roasts along with dimsum dishes. Our friends invited us over for weekend brunch at the Hong Kong club. Country clubs used to be a middle class thing in Singapore while we were growing […]

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If I could afford to come here a few times a week, I would. It’s one of our favourite restaurants for simple, luxurious good food and the personable service that goes seamlessly with the food for that dining experience. We usually leave it up to the chef and do tasting portions so we could try […]

I don’t get too much free time in the day to discover Hong Kong as I’m in Macau during the weekends, so this long weekend was a real privilege to orientate myself—I still get lost in central and walk round in circles, miss bus stops and turn up very late for appointments! In support of […]