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We’ve had many lovely meals at the Restaurant and Mr chef stocks up on his wine collection at “Le Nez” the wine shop just behind the restaurant. We always pop in here for lunch when we’re visiting family in the south in Carpentras. We’ve dined more casually al fresco in the Summer, but it seems […]

A super belated post from last summer which was one of the highlights to wine country and drinking directly from these barrels to understand the potential of these DRC wines. While everyone was raving about the Romanée Conti and La tache, my favourite from these recently barrelled wines was the Richebourg. Well, what do I […]


I’m cheating a little again, so I’m cross posting blog content I do for You’d be much better here, given the considerable time and effort that goes into it, it always deserves an extra plug or two! Yvonne is one of my favourite people I work with, super knowledgeable, patient, always ever so obliging with […]


This is my latest favourite haunt, possibly the only place in Beijing selling a full range of imported French cheeses to go or to havesur place at reasonable prices. You’ll find everything from St Maure, Coeur de Neufchatel to various types of tomme. The also have a great range of new and old world wines, […]