Female Magazine Singapore: Volunteering in Cambodia


A big thank you to the Singapore International Foundation that provided substantial funding for the trip and the Singapore Tourism board who kindly responded to my request for 240 postcards, for us to leave a little souvenir behind for the children and youths and an opportunity to practice writing a letter in English for the very first time.

Don Bosco’s an international Catholic order, and the sisters first came to Cambodia in 1997 to set up the school in Phenom Penh. Besides these schools, Sunday outreach centres have been established in the rural poor villages where the children cannot afford to go to school.

For donations or enquiries to help, you can contact, Sister Ched, Don Bosco: segretaria@everyday.com.kh

For Mith Samlanh/Friends, enquiries can be directed to Ms Ly Sophat friends@everyday.com.kh the program director.

04-Travel Cambodia


04-Travel Cambodia1

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