Chicken Scrawlings is a blog that chronicles food and travel adventures (and everything else in between), with Motherhood trials and tribulations added to the mix since late 2020.  Apart from food and wanderlust, I love reading, art, films, photography, culture and history.

For work enquiries,

📩 : <jloh>:please:remove:this:at:chickenscrawlings:dot:com

Almost all my posts on restaurants and travel are paid for in full or at a media rate. And for those few invitations, I am clear to mention it upfront. For collaborations,  I usually accept invitations and complimentary tickets for products/services where I am already a paying consumer and believe in the brand.

Photos shot with both iphone 13 and DSLR Canon 1200D

With my other hats on, I’m an ex-hotelier turned freelance Marketing and Digital Strategist helping both MNCs, startups and creative entrepreneurs build on their brand positioning and chart a path of strategic growth in the Asia Pacific region, particularly China.

I was also an adjunct lecturer at the Institute for Tourism Macao (IFT) and also lectured at General Assembly Singapore

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  1. Dear Concerned,

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  2. Juliana,

    I am a fellow food writer and for the last several years my focus has been on youth food culture. My aim has been to answer the simple question: Why are young people today so obsessed with food? For the last many years my research has focused on the U.S. About 16 months ago I released a book on this topic and I immediately received interest abroad, where people told me the “foodie” trend was also taking hold. Since then, I’ve been continuing my research and looking at these trends more broadly.

    Now, I’m focusing in on three key areas: Food as safety, food as belonging and food as purpose. Examples of each would be: looking for items with simple, transparent ingredients (safety), going vegan and joining and online vegan community (belonging), or giving up your traditional job to become an organic farmer (purpose).

    I’d love to speak with you about this topic and learn whether you do or do not see people using food as safety/belonging/purpose. The interview would be used for a new book.

    Let me know if this interests you.



    • Hi Eve!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Checked out your site and really interesting research and work. I’d love to help. I’ve dropped you an email. :)

  3. Hey, great stuff you got there —

    I know you get 1000s of these emails a day and I don’t want to waste your time. This will just be quick… pinky promise ;)

    I noticed you linked to markmanson.net on moving on at https://chickenscrawlings.com/2015/12/04/day-in-a-life-of-a-chef-wife/.

    Without beating around the bush, I have spent a lot of time putting together an awesome resource on moving on (https://hernorm.com/how-to-move-on-from-a-relationship/) and it would rock my day if you’d be willing to reference my resource on your page as well.

    I realize it’s probably a pain for you to go into your back-end, update your page, etc… As such I’m more than happy to pay a small admin fee for the inconvenience.

    You rock!

    Sonya Schwartz
    Managing Editor of HerNorm.com
    Lifestyle & Relationships For Women Without The Fluff

  4. Hi Team,

    I’m Zoran from ElephantStock.com America’s Best Trending Online Shops 2021 by Newsweek magazine, we feature artworks of thousands of artists, art photographers, and digital art talents.

    I recently came across one of your site’s articles looking for resource information on kitchen decor and recipes and was impressed by the much useful info about foods and recipes it contains.

    It seemed to me that it would be nice to start cooperation with ElephantStock. We have dozens of collections relevant to foods and kitchen decoration and it would be great to share them with your audience. Our content team will be happy to provide all the necessary articles and pictures that will be a great addition to your website.

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    • Hi Zoran!

      thank you for stopping by, I’ve emailed you my rate card and looking forward to learn more about collaborative opportunities.


  5. Hi Juliana, we represent Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). We are sponsoring a few Travel Writers to experience Malaysia Health care and hospitality. It will be about 3 to 4 days around 22 to 31 March 2023. Its fully paid for.

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