Chicken Scrawlings is a blog that chronicles food and travel adventures (and everything else in between), with Motherhood trials and tribulations added to the mix since late 2020.  Apart from food and wanderlust, I love reading, art, films, photography, culture and history.

For work enquiries,

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Nearly all my posts on restaurants and travel are paid for in full or at a media rate. Some posts may contain affiliate links and I do work on collaborative/partnered posts as well as on occasion accept contributed posts. For collaborations,  I usually accept invitations and complimentary tickets for products/services where I am already a paying consumer and/or have experienced the brand in some capacity.

Photos shot with both iphone 13 and DSLR Canon 1200D

With my other hats on, I’m an ex-hotelier turned freelance Marketing and Content Strategist helping both MNCs, startups and creative entrepreneurs build on their brand positioning and chart a path of strategic growth in the Asia Pacific region, particularly China.

I was also an adjunct lecturer at the Institute for Tourism Macao (IFT) and also lectured at General Assembly Singapore