I'm Juliana Loh, also endearingly known to my friends as J-Loh.

I'm the editor-in-chief @chickenscrawlings and a seasoned, well-travelled freelance journalist covering stories about travel, food, culture, motherhood, luxury hospitality and design.

I'm on regional F&B panels and deeply interested in how trends evolve and was a regular contributor to WGSN and Trendwatching networks.

I'm married to a chef (*** Michelin) and mum to a spirited, fun-loving 3-year old. We divide our time between Hong Kong, Singapore and France. Before you ask, it's almost always me doing the cooking at home.

As a retired corporate hound, I've previously lived in Treviso, Beijing, Macao and Hong Kong the past 20 years, which involved alot of travel. In between, I survived cancer and had a baby, and am currently focused on raising my pet human.

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Travel: Best of Bangkok

I’ve several story pitches that have been parked since the world isn’t planning any unnecessary travel in the near future with this virus madness. I’ve been to Bangkok’s Ortorkor market

Culture Trip: Best 9 Beijing Tours

I filed this story pre-Covid19 madness and look forward to going back to Beijing sometime soon. Here are 9 of the best tours I filed for Culture Trip to get

Winter In Copenhagen Denmark

This has got to be one of my favourite cities and I’ve tried to pitch several articles for the past year since my first trip there in January 2019 –

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Easy & Quick DIY PlayDough

We started making our own DIY playdough for over a year now because the store bought one dries up really quick and it’s neither environmentally friendly or economical to keep


Sewing: EASY Baby rompers

I’ve been at sewing for a couple of years now and made a couple of dozen of toddler dresses for my baby niece and a number of friend’s little girls,