Sewing: EASY Baby rompers


I’ve been at sewing for a couple of years now and made a couple of dozen of toddler dresses for my baby niece and a number of friend’s little girls, but it was my first time sewing rompers. And added layer of fun picking out multi-coloured mismatched snap buttons to brighten the day!

I found sewing meditative and a mindfulness exercise, once your mind wanders you’ll miss or add extra stitches or sew it on the wrong side and then have to spend so much more time unpicking. It’s truly an exercise in precision and also patience, both qualities are not my forte.

I also made a couple of shift dresses for myself and an incredibly difficult top that had so many darts! I also needed lots of help and support from the sewing teacher.

Baby clothes are definitely easier to sew as the patterns tend to be roomy to encourage unrestricted movement.

Sewing is labour intensive, and it’s frightening how fast fashion price clothes so cheaply.


Sewing pattern

This sewing pattern by @brindilletwig is super easy with great instructions for a novice like me! You can purchase this pattern here.

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