Sewing Projects: Make Your Own Shift Dress


With Covid, no travel, a new baby and all, it is difficult not to turn Chicken Scrawlings into a Mum blog, but I’m still trying and I have lots of backdated content I never got round to posting that will hopefully inspire more cooking, crafting, and eventually travelling when this madness is over.

Revisiting the first dress I made and ran out of fabric so had to get the pattern waistband in. I’ve now made three shift dresses with pockets (!) to date and I still marvel how come fast fashion clothes can be so cheap when it takes SO MUCH effort to make a piece of garment.

I definitely need more practice with pockets and zippers, it’s certainly my least favourite part of sewing.

I found the book Built by Wendy really helpful and it comes with 3 basic dress patterns to get started. The shift is one of them.

More on my sewing projects here.

Stock image – can’t remember where I got it to include photo credit.

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