Easy & Quick DIY PlayDough


We started making our own DIY playdough for over a year now because the store bought one dries up really quick and it’s neither environmentally friendly or economical to keep paying for individual tubs of playdoh- more plastic tubs adding to the landfill.

Making our own gives us control of mixing colours, creating new colours and they last for months. It’s also become an activity we can do together. Be careful when it’s on the stove on low heat, but otherwise it’s a relatively easy and doable activity to knead the dough, add the food colouring and viol√† a new batch of dough.


I tried several recipes and had to tweak them to get the consistency that we like – neither too sticky nor too hard. Maybe it’s the Hong Kong humidity?

how to make playdough

Here’s what we’ve ended up with after several experiments. It yields 4 balls of dough (as above).

2 cups of plain flour

2 cups of lukewarm water

1 cup of table salt

4 teaspoons of cream of tartare

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

Mix everything in the pot and stir under low heat for abour 2 minutes. It should reach the consistency of pizza dough, turn off the fire and then hand knead it for a few minutes.

Add food colouring – a few drops and then knead it into the dough balls.

In conclusion, making your own playdough at home is not only a fun activity for all ages, but it also offers other benefits, like saving money and plastic from landfills.

By using simple ingredients that are readily available, you can create endless hours of entertainment for yourself and your loved ones. Give it a try and have fun making your own playdough at home!

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