Explore the Magic of Oobleck: Easy DIY Sensory Play

I hope everyone is staying dry and safe in this Hong Kong super typhoon weather. We’ve been stuck indoors all weekend, no school on Friday and it’s been a very wet and windy Saturday. We made playdoh, oobleck and I’m running out of ideas to keep my toddler entertained.

Here’s a very simple DIY activity to do with your toddler with 2 ingredients – just water and cornstarch in the kitchen! Feel free to add whatever coloured dye to make it more fun or try mixing colours in and see what colours turn up.

We threw in animals, dinosaurs and little toy cars – a word of caution, only throw in toys that are easy to wash and dry after – plastic/wooden toys and not little cars with too many crevices. If you have rainbow blocks it’d be fun to put them in too if you don’t mind a little mess.

What exactly is oobleck?

Oobleck is a fascinating substance that is neither a liquid or solid – it’s a state of in-between. Get started to making some oobleck, to discover its curious properties and see how it behaves the way it does.

It’s a fun little exercise to nurture the curiosity and set the stage for future science experiments. Whether you have a science enthusiast or just a curious toddler discovering the world, it’s lots of fun and so easy to make!


I’ve also allowed free flow screen time for my sanity. We’ve put vehicles and animals in the oobleck to rescue, I added food colouring to the oobleck.

making oobleck

Oobleck, learning and playing with solid and liquid form

1 1/2 cup of corn flour

1 cup of lukewarm water

a few drops of food colouring (we did purple, obviously his favourite colour)

Mix it all together and it get that magical mixture of oobleck – part solid and part liquid.

For a step by step video on how to make oobleck, you can have a look here.

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