Intimacy: Photography by Namiko Kitaura, Text by Juliana Loh

Collaboration with my photographer friend Namiko Kitaura



Emotions can get intense within small insular communities. With daily interactions, you experience subtle looks and little gestures pregnant with connotations that you spend too much time trying to decipher. You discover feelings you never imagined existed within yourself, a wealth of hidden emotions and romantic fantasies. This project aims to capture from a female point of view, the various unconventional forms of beauty in male individuals. Idiosyncratic aspects of a boy’s features have been emphasized and communicated photographically. The meaning behind a look is multi-faceted and can be transmuted. An odd look can become charming; a lustful glance can become affectionate. This collection of pictures physically manifests the unpredictable states of emotion and desires, capturing intimate details of every individual as we journey with the boys.

A loud quietness that comforts, yet stirs. A look, a touch, a gaze, the body’s senses converge to heightened pleasures. Explore this space, emotion and its vast intangible magnetic field of positives and negatives.

Run fingers over bare skin, touching every pore, tickling the tiny hairs on the body, exploring the skeletal frame and get to know every crevice, every curve and contour to save it from the butchery of old age.

Here, the fine lines separate love, life and death. Take the endless journey of self-exploration and struggle to find that person breathing beneath muscles, veins and raw beauty of the body.

A love that liberates yet suffocates; a fine line that separates pleasure and pain. A life yet to be explored, a future trapped in the outline and sinews of a palm.

Every look, every breath and every touch; the pulsating veins whisper secrets left untold to the naked eye.

Boys. Sweet, gentle beasts that boast inflatable egos, a pure sincerity that lurks beneath ambition. They go on the prowl in their passive aggressive manner, exhibiting a darker soft side. Hungry for conquests, sex and the undeniable pleasures of love and secrecy; some boys beg for the affections whilst others callously sweep women off their feet and have them twirled round their fingers. Boys: An on going quest for the perfect imperfection.

This insular community and space suffocates as much as it uplifts. The knowing glances, the weak smiles and brief touches spell a sense of longing and intangible intimacy.

Explore the body’s landscape, an intimate space unique to the individual, framed by one’s mind. Every heartbeat in the pulsating veins tells a new tale of adventure. Nerves, muscles, and tissues form tributaries to the core of the human heart, reading like a road map to a lost stranger.

Explore femininity in hollow depths of skin, an oasis of hidden pleasures.

Tender notes of love lie beneath the soft cascading falls of curls, as timeless songs of love remain unsung.


Intimacy remains an abyss of space and time, passion and fear. A familiarity that comforts yet alienates. With an intensity rivaled by no other, every touch and every word spoken is tattooed in the mind, leaving an indelible memory of love, sex and all things between.

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