Beijing Sanyuanli Market


Definitely the best market in Beijing to go shopping for groceries, not exactly the cheapest buy, but good quality and a huge variety of food items available makes it all worth while. I’ve bumped into several Singaporeans and Malaysians buying the same sauces and spices, naturally to cook the same thing.

Stall 59, if I remember correctly sells all the wonderful Southeast Asian spices and sauces you never thought you could find here. Everything from the thick black sweet sauce Singaporeans use for their Hainanese chicken rice to pandan leaves (!!!).


Some trotters and lamb heads in a basket…
More trotters, offal—lungs, stomachs and other random parts.

It’s also known as San Yuan Li Market (given its proximity to San yuan qiao) as the location appears to be the same. I don’t have the specific address, it’s not far from Kunlun Hotel.


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