Otah Fantasy


Otah or the Malaysians call it otak-otak is the most amazing fish paste snack you’ll taste in your life. I even have dreams about it. I have recently found a solution—Andy Cheah, the Malaysian/Australian executive chef at the Raffles Hotel has offered to teach me how to make it, after we had a 15 minute conversation about this dish.

Apparently otak means brains in Malay and the fish paste/cake is given the name because of its squishy texture.


My first meal in the pore when I arrived at 630am was a nasi lemak (translated into fat rice—rice cooked in coconut milk and served with portions of fried chicken/fish, egg, peanuts, ikan bilis, lots of sambal blachan and sometimes spam.)

Personally, I think Bedok market right by bedok MRT is an eating heaven.

For some amusement, here is a photo of my dog who is as large as a pony and also has the most delicious meals.

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