Beijing Hutong Dining


The other night, I finally made my way to Black Sesame Kitchen for some delicious hutong dining. A quaint little spot turned into a tight modern setting for party of diners or Chinese cooking classes. The lady chef above is also known as Chairman Wang in Jen’s book.

I read Jen Lin Liu’s book over a year ago and fell in love with food writing which I do so little of these days and miss terribly much. It was fantastic to meet her in person to talk about her project and her trials and tribulations in China.



I was never a fan of spicy food, so Sichuan cuisine isn’t exactly my favourite. The good thing is that here, they tone it down to the foreign palate. My highlight was the candied fruits served with fresh homemade vanilla ice cream- unsweetened, that went down perfectly with the caramelised fried fruits. Instead of the usual practice of dipping the deep fried balls in cold water, I’d go with the ice cream option anyday!

whoever thought of the idea of putting a mirror on the ceiling to reflect the cooking progress is a genius.


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