David LaChapelle in Beijing

I met up with the legendary photographer on a daily basis during his stay in Beijing to talk to him about photography, porn, nature and Michael Jackson as the new generation prophet. He was incidentally also a big fan of Colors Magazine that I had the privilege of working on. It was endearing the way he talked about how he had to save up money to buy the meat issue because he was too poor to buy any magazines, that was all long before Andy Warhol took him under his wings and everything else was history.
david lachapelle beijing

Isn’t it lovely that he’s nearly 2 decades older than me and we look about the same age, minus the fact that I was also having a bad hair day.

I also told him that every ad agency I ever worked at stocks his books in the ideas library and his art direction/concepts are always an inspiration… not to mention how many direct copy of his works I’ve seen in ads.

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