Beijing Eats: The Orient Kitchen

Finding consistently good South East Asian offerings in Beijing is a feat, but I found good chicken rice, barley water (hooray!) and a menu fill of delightful cuisine that takes you through the regions of south China and all the way down to Malaysia and Singapore.

Forget the Hainanese chicken rice at La Pa Sat or IFW, this one beats those restaurants hands down. Granted, the chili sauce lacks that sharp flavour that chicken rice stall in Bedok market,Pow Sing (although I haven’t eaten there in like 10 years!) or Boon Thiong Kee (which I’m always having for supper when already drunk) in Singapore, everything down to the texture and rich taste of the grains were perfectly executed. Definitely the best I’ve had outside of the ‘pore, and almost just as good at the Hainanese chicken rice I’ve had in Bangkok—a little tightly packed eatery right by Platinum mall, that I don’t know the address of.

The other dish, one of my favourites is the Shanghainese kaofu with mu er—black fungus literally translated to wood ear is delicious as a cold dish to start.

The Orient Kitchen
3rd floor, No.4 building of The Village at Sanlitun
Tel: +8610 6417 4070

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