Team Dinner

I love how my work place always does things a little different, and finally somewhere, somehow I fit in nicely without having to apologise for being occasionally odd.

While most people are doing team dinners out, my boss cooked us dinner. A four course dinner for 12 is a feat to manage after a full day’s work and then heading to the professional kitchen.

I forgot my camera and because of the lack of my photography skills, the photos on the iphone naturally turn out even worse. sigh

We moved from sea to land, starting with a lovely scallop, a super healthy homestyle vegetable soup before digging into a beautifully done leg of lamb, finishing with a pavlova.

It wasn’t fine dining fare, but one of those deliciously rich home cooked meals you’d have; coupled with brilliant drunken company from silly drinking games, it was perfect.

It’s a shame that I can never appreciate the pavlova nor meringue as they feel like a porous dessert and I somewhat feel empty after (if only psychologically)




I’m way behind my blog posts… and getting even lazier with the photos. More updates and delicious anecdotes to come.

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