Slow Food in Beijing


There’s a growing movement for slow food in Beijing, with prominent foodies starting discussion groups and dinners together. I am also constantly reminded of my game plan to be in Bra for my masters in due course and will continue to dream about Italy till then. I remember Carlo Petrini coming to give a talk at Fabrica, but my Italian then was appalling as it is now.

Slow food is slowly permeating my life via osmosis and I’m thrilled about it. I just picked up Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma enroute back to Beijing and was reading about Pollan’s 64 ways to eat food.. and then there’s Grandmother’s day where slow food celebrates going back to traditional values and food wisdom inter-generationally.

25 Apr 09
This year, on April 25, the world will have its first international Grandmother’s Day, an idea launched by Slow Food Ireland president Darina Allen and Slow Food International vice-president Alice Waters, at the Terra Madre meeting in October 2008. Convivia across Ireland are organizing a range of activities to bring together children with grandmothers to promote intergenerational exchange, the passing on of traditional wisdom and the Slow Food values of sharing and generosity.

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