HK Part II: Gray Kunz at Café Gray Hong Kong

This whole great firewall of China thing has brought me back to the stone age. I have just lost a really long blog entry because my VPN seems to be wonky, and I don’t have the inspiration to retrieve the early entry on how wonderful Gray Kunz is, and his childhood spent in Singapore living at Namly Avenue.
gray kunz hong kong

So I met THE legendary Gray Kunz and possibly had the best dish I ever had in HK, a simple saffron ravioli—a beautiful purse of one of the world’s most expensive spice, leaving a lingering ghostly trail of grassy notes from the saffron. My dining companion had a beautiful avocado salad, which was a perfect example of simple ingredients made luxurious, it was fresh and zesty, giving it a perfect balance to the creamy richness of the fruit.

cafe gray hong kong

cafe gray
cafe gray upper house

seam bream in fennel broth, delicious but could compare with the starter that got me high
upper house hong kong

I forget the name of this lovely lobster dish my dining companion was having, but the big forkful I stole was fantastic.

On a separate note, the Chinese twitterzens are in a frenzy about the #GFW trending topic. I doubt it would change the status of the stone internet age we’ve been banished to. I will take deep breaths and accept that it is something I cannot change apart from leaving, which I’m not quite ready to do.

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