Travel: Kunming to Laos by road


Learning how to be an elephant mahout and steering the elephant with my feet. I’m a terrible driver and an even worse cyclist, but I think I did pretty well riding the elephant and directing it. I love it when they flap their pink spotted ears. I wouldn’t want to ever ride on the back of the elephant again since it’s so much more precarious and fun sitting in the front—it’s my moment of being Mowgli…and The Jungle Book was one of my all time favourite cartoons I grew up on.

We travelled to Kunming in Yunan over the Chinese New Year holidays, a very last minute trip and exhorbitant air fares, but still we couldn’t escape all the made firecrackers and people letting off fireworks in wild abandon without any safety guidelines. So we took a 9 hour bus through pot holes roads to get to Laos and crossed the border. It was quite an adventure in a triple decker bus filled with Chinese travellers and not the most pleasant to say the least. Definitely a journey worth journaling!


Fresh Pu’er tea in Yunnan that taste completely different from the Pu’er as I’ve known it.

Street food, I didn’t manage to get enough photos of all I ate that were all fresh, tastey and super wonderful.


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