Food Movies

I have to confess I have some many draft blog entries in queue because I keep failing asleep updating it in the night…

I spent the weekend, gazing at beautiful food blogs (not that I don’t do everyday) and stayed in to watch food movies. Was ravenous by the time I got to the end of Julie & Julia and deeply inspired. Maybe someday, I’d actually end up living in Paris, something I always dreamt about as a child.

Some friends were raving about Dieta mediterr√°nea, but I found it rather disappointing, although I applaud the effort of highlighting the role of a professional female cook, glorifying the status of it. I’m sure it doesn’t get this easy with male dominated kitchen.

I have Dim Sum Funeral left which is some Chinese flick about reuniting the family at a funeral… which of course involves some food. Sounds abit depressing on a -8 degrees night.

On another note, I have been exercising before bed time like half the world I know does. Even Smudge is surprised with my plank pose and push ups.

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