Retro-Olfaction: Sadler Beijing

An Italian friend tried to explain this to me because I was skeptical about smelling food in my mouth. And a google search tells me that it’s a common in wine tastings and smoking, which made it perfectly easy to understand. However, this only occurs when you have mind-blowingly good food.
Image via Stogiefresh

I went back to Ristorante Sadler for my 18th, 29th birthday on Saturday and had yet another feast. I didn’t get any photos from that night—the consequence of small dinner clutch bags! I started with a “giant ravioli” in a chicken consommé which is a warm hug on a winter’s night. The ravioli, however was far from giant because I’m infamous for overstuffing wantons, dumplings, rice dumplings.. anything that needs stuffing. The champagne risotto topped with parma ham so thin it crackled upon first bite, was one of those retro-olfactory experiences that I haven’t found the words to explain. Then came a monk fish which was uninspiringly presented, but didn’t disappoint. Yet, it’s one of those dating “Mr good enough” experiences.


Beautiful miniature bread selection


A tuna tartare with aubergine that I had on my last visit a couple of weeks ago


Fried porcini in taleggio sauce.

I’m pushing 30 and feel better than ever. I know my mother (who is probably reading this!) worries about my future (and DHLs me self help books regularly) given the history of spinsters in my family. I no longer feel sorry for myself even as more baby photos appear on facebook and every possible channel of sharing. I have to say that nothing has been more empowering and liberating than being young, single and free.

Ristorante Sadler
Ch’ienmen 23, 23 Qianmen Dong Da Jie,
前门东大街23 (tell the driver it’s opposite the old beijing train station)

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