Guerrilla Dining

comme-des-garcon-singaporeMy first experience with guerrilla marketing was when comme des garçons was opening little stores in the least predictable locations in Singapore years ago and I thought it was such a brilliant idea with their cult following.

Image via Hypebeast

The concept of food on the road is comfortingly familiar growing up in South East Asia where street vendors are selling everything from delicious friend noodles to snacks, but reading about The Pale Blue Door in Argentina got me really excited.
Candle-lit tables, crumbling cornice ceilings and a huge open-air courtyard resemble sets from the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Breadbaskets are served via a pulley-and-rope system and a transvestite tops up the wine glasses.


Photo via As Belgrano Byrnes

I suppose the next time I’m back home, I should go on the world’s largest Ferris Wheel. (I didn’t know this!) However, I have to point out that the website reeks of very poor copywriting.

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