Interesting Food Projects

I am completely buried in these amazing ideas and sites about food, design and art. I read a whole list of blogs on a daily basis and I’ve been surviving on 4 hours of sleep daily, on top of getting my homework done for weekend Italian classes and crawling out of bed at 730am on the weekends to get to them for 5 hours straight is a larger commitment than I thought.

Anyhow, lots of cool stuff I have been reading about, thinking about and I am procrastinating to finish my short story for the commonwealth short story prize that deadlines on Wednesday.

I unfortunately don’t read German, but some stunning table set up here with Jack and The Beanstalk type of oversized tableware.

Image via Stylin Rooms.

And I found gorgeous eco-tableware at Verterra, which are really classy. Growing up in a country where local dishes are served in all sorts of leaves (mainly banana), it makes me happy to see the haute version of leave plating.

After some further investigation, I found out that Verterra is merely the brand, but the cool stuff comes out of Moneral Oy. See the latest “Elicia plates” collection made with aspen wood.

And as the Milano Salone is unfolding in April, I found a lovely piece in this month’s Casa Arbitare on a food theatre project.


Image via uovoproject

Food connects me closely to my childhood memories, hours spent in the kitchen watching Mum cook and eventually being tasked to clean out seafood and meats. There was always something cooking in the kitchen and the house was always filled with food smells. I remember my mother killing chickens in the backyard (I never dared to look) and teaching me how to kill crabs by hammering a chopstick with a motar pestle right into its heart (?) that little triangle portion. In retrospect, does a crab have a heart? I’ve believed it for the longest time since I was a child, but they don’t bleed nor have arteries, so they probably don’t have a heart. (upon further investigation they do!) and those fluffy things for lungs (8 on each side)—it always reminded me of the spongey things behind the shell of the air conditioner and I always inevitably connect the act of both tasks while doing either.

I should get back to finishing my work, where did my weekend go? On a separate note, I went to the 3D cinema to watch Alice in Wonderland and was sorely disappointed. The Chesire cat was the wrong colour and the Mad Hatter’s party was such a disappointment and I’ve read the book more than 20 times and don’t recall an ending that Alice decides to go to CHINA to do business?!?! What an anticlimax.

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