Fresh Water Fish And Muddiness

All the fresh water fish I’ve had in China are so muddy, I might as well be having a party in the garden with my face on the ground playing earthworm. I never associated fresh water fish with muddy because I grew up eating beautifully steamed fresh water fish with ginger and soya sauce that my mother and grandmother used to make. I was momentarily confused about fresh water fish, but maybe farmed fresh water fish all taste muddy? Or maybe just in China like a string of random things from toxic to fake.

Yet having said that I had delicious fish soup minus the muddy fish at Oi Suen at the HK Jockey Club Beijing. They also make delicious tofu dishes and dan dan mian. Service was slow and the seats were stiff and uncomfortable (maybe they expect everyone to have a rod posture from horse riding), but the food was amazing. The menu includes dishes from Sichuan, Beijing and Shanghai cooked to perfection. If the food was that great, I can only imagine how the Cantonese restaurant, Fortune Room measures up with dim sum and a wide range of Cantonese favourites.

And it is a pity I would unlikely get to eat it often or anytime soon again because only exclusive members of the club can dine there.

Back to muddy fish, I’m guessing that’s why we have the Guizhou sour fish soup (which I love) but the spices and flavours are so strong that the meat is just added texture rather than something you savour… but we do the same with soups, curries and stew, which is probably the biggest difference in East/West cooking methods… it’s more about flavour and texture than the quality of the ingredients and letting the product speak for itself.

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