“Short Stays” Film collection Vs Dior and Prada Films

I’m still buried under a pile of work and delighted to find out that I am doing exactly as big brand marketeers and strategists around the world by commissioning Short StaysThe Opposite House‘s very own short film collection by 3 awesome indie Chinese film directors, Liu Jiayin, Zhao Ye and Peng Lei.

When we started shooting the 3 short films at the House last year, Yang fudong’s short film “First Spring” for Prada’s Spring collection was then freshly released. Just recently in May, David Lynch’s “Lady Blue Shanghai” short film for Dior hit the headlines.

The whole idea sprung from a late night conversation with my friend Sam who subsequently became the project’s producer and we worked with China’s amazing indie photographers, 223 and Madi Ju to document the whole process.

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