Canteen Diary 100609


A day late. Yesterday’s lunch was pretty good again. I think we have very decent canteen food and I feel bad that I don’t show enough appreciation for it, disregarding the MSG and the occasional times I find hair in my food (eeew). My colleagues and I had a little debate on vegetable names regarding top left dish: courgette = zucchini which I argue is not a cucumber, but part of the cucumber family. In Chinese, it’s called 黄瓜, which generically means cucumber. One of my favourite cold dishes in Chinese restaurants: sliced corgette served with sesame oil, sesame seeds, MSG, some sugar, vinegar and dried chilli flakes. The spinach cooked with Sichuan pepper was limp, dull and dehydrated, and felt like too much fibre for me to stomach after some prodding.

The pseudo ketchup chicken cooked with onions and potatoes was the highlight—fluffy cornflour coated lean fowl drenched in a diluted sweet and sour ketchup gravy. My only gripe is that I wished they deboned it so I don’t look like the flintstones eating my boney chicken with chopsticks.

OH, and look at my reflection on the spoon. I look like I’m pregnant and have no neck.

Overall Satisfaction: 7/10

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