Canteen Diary 100611

This entry is a tad overdue, but I’ve only just had time to organise and fix the batch of hundreds of photos, organising the text and recipes of nearly two weeks eating and drinking my way through the north and central France. img_0330

Just before I left on vacation, we had a decent lunch of stir fried oyster sauce pork that was lean and salty, complementing the rice and compensating for the bland cabbage. The other bowl of gelatinous noodle was pretty much slugs swimming in a bowl of Sichuan pepper, which is to say the least unappetising, it was chewy, slithery, salty and had the pervasive tongue numbing sensation.

Overall satisfaction: 4/10

So, I’m back in the Motherland where bread taste like cardboard and cheese like chalk. My vivid memories of France are distilled in the form of cheeses vacuum packed and flew the over 8000 miles with me. I would have been devastated if the customs confiscated them. I spent the evening eating artisanal fruit jams with my beautiful cheeses and one of the most wonderful things I discovered and finished a whole box of—Gouda Crisps biscuit hybrid.

Oh, and I survived guiltless with little internet access by circumstance over nearly two weeks!

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