Recipe: Pork for dinner

One thing I regret was not tagging along to go to the butcher’s to poke my nose about. We had different cuts of pork through the week and here are some ideas on what to do with it! I love pork, given that it’s the backbone of Chinese cuisine and I grew up with lots of Cantonese soups made tasty by pork. My acupuncturist tells me that I should eliminate pork from my diet if I want to get rid of migrains altogether because it thickens the blood and clogs it (in my case my head). I’m not sure if it’s because he’s muslim and is adamant pork is dirty, or maybe he is right. I’ll have to start moderating my intake to make up for the porky meals I’ve been having.



1. Slow cooked pork loin with mushroom, mustard cream sauce

Pork loin
butcher strings to tie it together
fresh cream
a dollop of mustard


Slow cook the pork and turn it regularly with thyme, spooning the juices over it to ensure evening cooking.
Remove the pork to cool and slice. With the juices, add cream and a dollop of mustard. Put in the mushrooms last to cook and serve as garnish.

I think the challenge here is slow cooking the pork until perfection.


The side of potatoes was lathered in butter, with a spa of sea salt pepper and thyme—pure goodness of the earth personified.

2. Slow cooked pork with a side of asparagus and crozets



Butcher strings
fresh cream
crozets de savoie
Beaufort cheese


Tie strings around pork to keep juices intact. Slow cook pork until ready at your own discretion.

Cook les crozets in a boiling water with salt for 22 minutes. Put in the pot, add “crème fraiche” to the top and slices of and Beaufort cheese till it covers the whole surface. Bake in the oven until the top turns golden brown.

Ready to serve!


It was my first time discovering crozets and I am certain I’m going to eat it over and over again. They are so easy to cook and sooooo good.

Here’s the the crozets de savoie we used.

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