Canteen Diary 100630


The Northerners eat alot of carbs, some say it’s because of the harsh winters and the body needs alot more to keep warm. It’s probably a geographical reason given the climate isn’t the most ideal to grow fresh fruits and vegetables all year long.

So, canteen lunch was good, and carbo-laden, a side of potato stir fry and some green veg and a large plate of cold noodles with shredded cucumber and lean chicken. The 凉面 noodles were fantastic, which was something like the traditional Beijing zhajiangmian (劳北京炸酱面), only without the radish and pork to garnish. The sesame based sauce was also a little more salty than the bean paste of zhajiangmian. But it was so simple and good.

Overall satisfaction: 8/10

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