Canteen Diary 100705

I’ve been having very uneventful meals outside and none are worth writing about. They have either been disappointingly bland or cuisine that don’t know what they want to be. Canteen on the contrary is consistent and fills my belly. I’m losing more weight than I am keeping track because the sweltering heat has taken away my appetite. Vernier calipers skinny jeans are the best indication.

So today’s lunch was okay, with deep fried chicken with bones as the highlight. The food tends to be too salty for my palate, so a side of watery congee is perfect to quench salty thirst. Although it’s a far cry from our smooth Cantonese congee I’m used to, the very watery bowl of grains feels somewhat nutricious. It’s purple (actually it looks muddy brown on second thoughts!) from the decolourised kidney beans added to the boiling pot. I don’t know why it looks so bubbly though. Occassionally, we get 八宝粥, another type of purple congee that is my favourite, it’s slightly sweet and filled with 8 types of grains, from barley to red beans cooked with rice grains.



This dish above is called “Tiger’s eyes” 老虎眼, when I asked why so, they said because the egg yolk surrounded by minced pork makes it look like an eye, some people call it the Dragon’s eyes. hmmm and giant meat balls are called lion’s head. Love the metaphors and descriptions of the language, especially with food.

Overall Satisfaction: 5/10

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