TED on Food

I spent most of the afternoon doing some writing, organising and editing photos. And then watched lots of TED videos regarding ideas and concepts completely related to food. I am so inspired.

Dan Barber on foie gras sans cruelty

Looking for General Tso and examining “Chinese food” the world over

MIchael Pollan and our relationship with nature and consumption

Food distribution in the world

Just a few days ago, I was reading about the Danish chef of Noma (the world’s number 1 restaurant) and his amazing sustainable natural way of sourcing ingredients in his own backyard—a true feat in a country like Denmark.

I love his concept: “[working] on a new venison dish. ‘We imagine ourselves being the deer,’ he said. ‘What does it step on?’

His answer: snails and fiddlehead ferns. “The flavors will go together,” he said. “Snails and deer: they live together. They have a symbiosis.”

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