Canteen Diary 100719

I love all forms of dumplings, I just really like the idea of things having lots of stuff in them. Wantons, xiaolongbao, ravioli, gyoza, jiaozi (northern dumplings, skin made of flour with no eggs unlike their southern cousins) and Pelmeni (Russian dumplings) served with lots of sourcream.

In my cosmic world, eating dumplings are kind of like meeting nice interesting people, who are full of good stuff. Or they are at least nice and have a good heart.

At today’s lunch we had beef/pork dumplings, so that makes my overall lunch satisfaction a tops: 8/10


If I was a dumpling, I’d be a crispy fried wanton. The weather is shite and so is the air, but at least we had dumplings for lunch. :)

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