Canteen Diary 100802/100804


Lunch this week was something different and got me a little excited prematurely, because the meatballs in the claypot were really just minced fat and probably all the unwanted pork bits you can think of put together, without any seasoning. The winter melon and glass noodles in the MSG soup were the only redeeming factor. The side of spinach was as usual uneventful, lack of salt with the pervasive Sichuan pepper numbing taste. The best part of the meal was the plain rice cooked to its fluffiest potential (and I should have helped myself to more).

Overall satisfaction: 3/10

For the rest of the week, as you can probably notice, the dishes aren’t very different from the other weeks, apart from the bony-est fish in the world drenched in salty sauce that was quite tasty (top right).

, with common folks, stir fried tomato egg and courgette in sesame oil, sugar and MSG as a cold dish to start

Overall satisfaction: 5/10

Dumplings… 7/10.

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