Canteen Diary 100811

I finished up lunch in 15 minutes as it wasn’t anything particularly fun to linger over. I also tend to eat lunches alone alot—the only time of recovery when you’re not harassed by telephone calls and assaulted by emails (although I confess I sometimes answer my mobile with my mouth full since calls come at all times of day and if I am not catching up with my RSS feeds on net news wire at lunch, I am reading my work emails.)


Lunch wasn’t bad. Overall satisfaction: 4/10

The top right bowl of chicken in salty sauce is reminiscent of my mother’s rendition of steamed chicken marinated with soy sauce, thinly sliced ginger, shitake mushrooms and shaoxing rice wine. By steaming it, the grease also gets out into the gravy, which is delicious over a bowl of white rice. I had both rice and porridge at lunch. The catering kitchen tried to get creative with those sweet potato leaves and glass noodle by dousing it with what tasted like wasabi. 10 points for creativity, 0 points for taste. Good effort for thinking of alternative to Sichuan tongue numbing peppers. I think they just don’t get it. Maybe Northerners don’t have too much greens in their diet.

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