Slow Food Saturday, Bejing

beijing slow food saturday  slow food beijing


The first slow food event modelled closely after Carlo Petrini’s vision of going local, following the principles of “good, clean and fair” was brilliant. Organised by The Schoolhouse at the Great Wall Mutianyu, the event reminded me exactly of what the students at UNISG did, an insanely exorbitant course that I cannot justify the investment—not even on scholarship given the opportunity cost. It’s pretty much a year long holiday reminiscent of some of the best times of my life at Fabrica.

Anyhow, we spent 6 hours biking up and down the villages by the Wall, eating local produce—everything from fried cicadas to locally made French cheeses and smoked farmed rainbow trout. There was a bread making and ice cream workshop (that we missed as we started to enjoy the bike ride so much). I was half expecting to see the Chinese situational irony of people eating Mcdonald’s on the bus ride up to Mutianyu for the Slow Food day out, but was very pleasantly surprised by the great turn out and eco-organic friendly crowd.

It was also the first time I discovered the joys of riding a bicycle with gears. To top it off, it was a beautiful sunny day with the great wall set as a backdrop against clear blue skies. Half the photos in the album are courtesy of my colleague and one of my best friends duplex, Alex.

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