Canteen Diary 100906/08

So, I’m far behind my canteen diary, I’m investing alot of my time in reading these days. Management books (I feel so adult), some fiction and most recently tons of PR media reports and checking the Italian dictionary to maximise the opportunity to study Italian. Never felt more inadequate after being shouted at by a Chinese Italian tourguide on the phone when she told me to speak Italian because she couldn’t understand English and I didn’t have the professional Chinese vocab to tell her what a twat she was. Sigh.

So canteen food is okay, but I’m sure better than most as I’ve been told. At the rate I’m going, I can write an annual report of my Canteen food.
canteen diary beijing

Same old favourite, rice drenched in sweet stir-fry tomato egg. Wasn’t too sure about the super sweet pumpkin dish (top left)

Overall satisfaction: 4/10

canteen meal beijing
One of my favourite steamed chicken with mushrooms and rice wine soy sauce, a savory gravy that drizzles nicely over my white rice and reminds me of my mother’s cooking. I also like bean sprouts and simple greens that don’t reek of sichuan tongue numbing pepper. 1 extra point for peach.. it’s the first time I got peach at lunch.

Overall satisfaction: 6/10

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