Taj Mahal + Incredible !ndia

This marble palace is as magical as the fairy tales and more beautiful than what they all say it is. It exudes this incredible sense of serenity and I could sit for hours just starring at it. The monumental structure of Indo-Islamic architecture was designed by a Persian and Turkish architect and I love that things were measured to the finest details where the Queen’s tomb sits right at the centre of the 37 arces of land and the 4 minarets were built tilting 90 degrees outwards, in case of earthquake, it wouldn’t topple over the beautiful dome.





One of the print ads for Incredible !ndia that I saw years ago really made an impression with the brilliant photography and even better copy. Having seen and experienced just a tiny jigsaw of !ndia, I like it even more and it’s easily one of my favourite places I’ve travelled to, so far.
“And to think these days men get away with giving flowers and chocolates to their wives”

Main gate leading into the Taj Mahal.

I love the precision in the way it was planned, the exact and best location of sunset, sunrise and how it aligns with all the astrological field and finished in just 22 years.

So, we had dinner with the genius behind the Incredible !ndia campaign, who also happens to be Nalis’ boss. I really miss being in a creative incubator and I wish I had inspiring bosses during my time as a creative.

These are my favourite ads from the campaign:




Now, this is core-shakingly good copy. And the best part? The real experience of being here far surpasses my expectations. I’m jealous that the best writers and copywriters and creatives seem to come from India.

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