Post India Recollections

[The internet with or without vpn has slowed a hundred fold since the announcement of the nobel peace prize winner and it’s deep pain for internet geeks like me. And since the internet is already so slow and close to not working, I will not self censor.]

Still recovering from an all time high on randomness and began the first manic day back at work, to get back into the swing of 10-12 hour work days. I sometimes wonder how people get to leave the office at 5pm prompt. I have never left the office earlier than 7pm. Ever. The only times I did was when I was having a migraine and running to the toilet to throw up. Okay, I admit. I am also a short attention span multi-tasker.


Monday was a rare beautiful day where the air pollution index (API as seen on the right margin of this blog) was below 100. Still, I miss the clean air and poetic chaos of India: men walk around with chunky briefcases (how 80s) in hand with a great sense of professional purpose. There’s also something strangely romantic about serving hot milk tea from metal dispensers on the train… and deserted sad locations where you can sit and have chai while reading a great Indian author written novel full of cacophony of sounds and colours, taking you right into the locale.

The last 10 days in India are a collection of short stories in themselves. I started with chaotic Delhi of kids playing cricket in a field of goats, cows napping on the street, blinding saris and horses eating from old bathtubs to Agra, the Taj Mahal tourist haven and then watching burlesque theatrics at the India-Pakistan border at Amritsar, visiting the Sikh Golden Temple that has possibly the largest kitchen in the world, feeding 42000+ people a day. In between all this, my blonde Italian girlfriend was speaking fluent hindi, speaking in a no-nonsense manner to auto drivers and telling me a monkey came into the house to steal sugar.


Wagah Border, Amritsar


World’s largest sikh temple. The fabled golden temple, Amritsar.


Jama Majsid, New Delhi


Kitchen full of volunteers cooking for over 42000+ people a day at the Golden Temple Amritsar


Taj Mahal, Agra

The chapati factory in Amritsar’s Golden Temple from Juliana Loh on Vimeo.

Amritsar Golden Temple Kitchen from Juliana Loh on Vimeo.

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