Going South with Mediterranean Cheeses At Sureno beijing

Dining at Sureño is never boring and I would be happy to dine here everyday, and I’m not being biased.

Chef Marino made a five course menu, working with the different cheeses from the Mediterranean, from Italy (of course), Cyprus and Greece.

Haloumi cheese from cyprus, with a chewy consistency of tofu and deliciously salty from the brine. This cheese has been around since the Byzantine period, and the tradition of wrapping the block of cheese with mint leaves for freshness during transportation has not changed. The cheese is best served grilled or fried and we had grilled haloumi alongside sardines and lemon. Best with salads of a light fish dish.
Portuguese sardine with haloumi cheese twist of organic lemon e Spanish extra virgin olive oil

I gobbled up my antipasti of wagyu carpaccio: thin slices of home smoked wagyu tenderloin with rocket salad e 24 month aged parmigiano reggiano before I could remember to take a photo.


This giant wheel of parmiggiano from the Region of Emlia-Romagna is 24 months old. It requires approximately 1100 litres of cow’s milk for two wheels, making it approximately 70kg of cheese. Possibly the most versatile cheese to enhance dishes and such a pleasure to eat it on its own, infront of the telly.

And the wonders of enhancing your cheese experience with great olive oil.


Hand crafted ravioli stuffed with ricotta and buffalo mozzarella with garlic e cherry tomato reduction and drops of hojiblanco


Mozzarella di bufula which is pretty much cream with a very high fat content. They have a short shelf life of about 3 days and the ones we had come from Campania.

Absence of tiramisu as I got too caught up with eating, chatting and harassing Marino with questions.

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