1. Krishnan uno nova bibelt
    Dec 09, 2021 @ 07:00:45

    I love your style of writing and your randomness and the unique metaphors and code that are easy to miss if you can’t read between the lines and have a comprehensive mind that would without any doubts at all be able to add 2 if you had decided to coloborate mine and your chicken scratch & put our ruffled feathers in the air and scratch off like we just don’t care (as the baby roosters do) and send it all through the universe or throughout the body of the head one in charge of the little ones they had slurped up and forgot to spit out because we were after all all lukewarm, if anything was had felt it would know but the biggest one we made our habitat for humanity had to have coronavirus because they say it made you lose your taste buds or could perhaps have been an anaconda that had swallowed us whole or maybe we were in the belly of the beast unless the one who had to be without sin and the one that we called “God” had to had finally stopped giving a rats ass and accepted us all or there was a new one no one knew about in charge or rudely interrupting and robbing the main one of his precious lambs that had already been slaughtered and after all, him and her were the ones moving and speaking for them all because they were the only 1 on each plane that existed and could move through them all because they were ghosts from the past that met up and fell in love with all the flesh that was left there, damn, better them than me or you but that neither here nor there so I don’t care if you dont, they used to be fair here but I don’t answer to them anyways & never did unless 1 of them were answering for me but I was created by as another that they didn’t know and sent back here to see what B’s they were sending to the fake me because I am back 100 percent truly authentic and pure and they never existed with me but did with my parents. Nice to meet you all for the first time.


    • admin
      Jan 21, 2022 @ 21:02:34

      thank you for stopping by and the kind words. it’s been a surreal and weird two years with the global pandemic. i hope you are keeping well


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