Team Dinner: Aroi Mak Mak!

At the end of every year, boss man dons an apron to spend a whole day in the kitchen cooking a feast for the team. This year we went Thai! I wish I could cook half as well…


Thai fish cakes, spring rolls and samosa to start

Spicy minced pork wrapped in lettuce, with the lingering flavours of fish sauce and fresh chilies. Yum!

A very hunky Thai beef salad.

Grilled chicken wrapped in leaves with sweet chilli sauce.


Deep fried pineapple fish

Wrapping up with the Australian dessert as with every year—Pavlova, the porous dessert named after a ballerina. I just never learnt how to appreciate the meringues or pavlova… because they feel empty and porous.

I missed out on a couple of dishes with all the drinking games where everything went downhill from then.

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