Thank You 2010

I had an amazing 2010 and really, it couldn’t have been better. I fulfilled 95% of all the things I had set out to do and am working through all that shelf help and trying to get better at living the law of attraction. I just wished I had managed to fulfil my regular exercise intentions.

This year, I fell in love just like in the movies. Work was intense, challenging but very fun and fulfilling. 2011 is looking to be even more awesome already.

This year I did more travelling and eating than I thought I would. I even got to go to India to visit my dear Italian girlfriend, Nalis after talking about it for years.

I’ve made my to-do list for 2011, which also coincides with the big 3-0, but I haven’t yet figured out 30 things to do by 30.

Last meals of 2010?
Chef ❤ par Guillaume Galliot
Beautiful plating. Salmon, scallops and crab topped with diced potato, purple carrots and carrots in a wonderful bath of creme fraiche.
Turbot with foie gras served with mushrooms, carrot and asparagus broth.
banana chocolate millefeuille with a dollop of sour cream. Perfect.
Crown, City of Dreams Macau
Horizon Restaurant Level 3

Then I spent today snacking on all sorts of things…exploring Macau.
Possibly Macau’s best fried chicken! RDS Fried Chicken, love the mascot.

Happy 2011 everyone!

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