Last of the Beijing Series: Canteen Diary 20110120/20110121/20110124


Teriyaki Chicken special that taste like oyster sauce chicken, some cauliflower + carrots and mutant chicken chunks, ice tea and a mandarin orange.

Overall satisfaction: 5/10

Mao-style braised pork belly (毛式红烧肉, side of greens and tofu.

Overall Satisfaction: 5/10
Gongbao chicken without the spice but lots of peanuts for texture, side of greens and kaofu (super porous tofu like a sponge)

Overall satisfaction: 4/10

Truth be told, I’m not really going to miss our canteen lunches when I leave Beijing. The blog has been neglected as I have been falling asleep on the floor with the dog and cat while trying to pack, read and do internety things simultaneously while snacking on gouda and emmentale. I’m throwing out so much stuff to get rid of baggage in every sense of the word. And then I find myself crying and getting all emotional because my suppressed emotions and demons are all coming out with such huge intensity. It doesn’t help work hours are long and I am packing in the wee hours with a cloudy exhausted head.

I’m a total grumpus maximus.

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