Settling In


This is possibly the longest period I’ve neglected my blog and I haven’t a clue why it took me so long to sort myself out. I’ve been exhuasted partly due to the hacking cough that keeps me awake all night and having various China moments. From meeting with a foreign real estate agent who doesn’t know his way around sending me on a wild goose chase and not speaking a word of Cantonese—no prizes for guessing who doubled up as real estate agent making his phonecalls and getting yelled at by people because he rang all the wrong doorbells and we didn’t get to see any apartments. China moment #1, a typical backpacker turned English teacher in the 90s and stayed a decade before moving to HK and randomly decides to become a real estate agent. Thankfully, after 4 years in the motherland, nothing comes as a surprise anymore.

I just got off the phone with a tsk-ing HSBC customer service staff who was talking to me like I was a retard, where has my security token gone? They have taken the liberty to send it all the way to Beijing even though I repeatedly told the guy when I was opening my account that it should not be my registered address, obviously since I don’t live there anymore. China moment #2.

Anyhow, I’ve finally locked in my apartment and am halfway moved in, and should get things sorted out by the end of the week. SG/IT/BJ/HK—I have new found admiration for the old me because I don’t know how I managed to move countries and continents the last 6 years, on my own without knowing a single person in each city and setting up a home. Having said this, HK is so much easier because my best friend (who took the cat for a week and we had to birth the cat from IN the couch together) is here, old friends are here and have readily jumped in to help with the move. Maybe that makes me lazy? It has to be age that’s slowing me down and all the extra baggage in tow.

I’m actually tired of moving. All the little inconveniences of packing, moving, unpacking, opening bank accounts, finding a place, furnishing it etc is not so fun anymore. I think I’m going to be here for a while and possibly grow some roots, finally.

Otherwise, all is well because I sit beside the pantry stock full of wonderful things. A good pantry makes everything okay. :)

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