Hong Kong bites: La Marmite



Reviews and our friends had raved about the food here, which perhaps subconsciously had us raising the bar. Although admittedly, I am spoilt when it comes to French cuisine, so we were slightly disappointed as my escargots and sole were bland and uneventful even after I dressed it in salt. I also didn’t quite understand if I was meant to eat that soggy nightmare worthy piece of bread that sat soaking in the butter bath at the bottom of my escargot dish. What a shame, they were beautiful large bourgogne escargots that had so much potential.

Chef and the rest of the dining crew were luckier with their choices, a foie gras creme brulée to start followed by an oxtail dish—both rich, smooth and well executed.

I guess La Marmite is worth the try if you’re in central, décor simple and unpretentious, ambience is great and the background soundtrack very tasteful.

La Marmite
46 Staunton Street
SoHo, Central
Hong Kong
+852 2803 7808

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