Macau Weekend Bites

Now that Summer is here, we’ve been finding excuses to have BBQs despite the thunderstorm and typhoon warnings, we had lots of luck with decent weather. The best thing about going to a BBQ organised by a fine dining (starred) chef is that 90% of the guests are also chefs, sommeliers or some expert in the dining field—which only means one thing: quality cuts, slow-cooked meats and great wines and champagne all afternoon. Even desserts and bread came straight from the professional kitchen. (greedy me forgot the photos while tucking in!)



macau bbq turbot   macau terraza pizza

Chef brought part of a turbot but we didn’t even get round to that after racks of lamb, wagyu and tenderloin. I actually really liked these processed food bits on the grill as well, shame on me and my support for slow food. Fish cakes, crab cakes stuffed with cheese :)

I haven’t had any chance to spend more time at the Galaxy Macau and have put a restrain on my greed and overeating. There are over 50 restaurants and bars housed in this mega complex… that’s alot of eating and drinking to do, to get orientated with the property.

Can vouch for a good pizza @ Terrazze

I finally feel more at home in Macau over the weekends, going running and for tennis classes, the luxury of getting away from Hong Kong madness and to have time on my own and valuable quality time with chef.

Here’s a view from our balcony.
macau taipa

Like the tilt shift instagram one better.
macau taipa tilt shift

what do you think?

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