Macau Eats: Pui Kei, Chiang Mai

I’ve been alot more wandering around on tucking into lots of great local offerings in Taipa.

The other day I had a pork chop noodles, which was one of those comforting bowls of noodles with an element of “western” flavour thrown in. Was wandering into one of the narrow alleys of Taipa Village and stumbled into this tiny noodle joint. I was actually lured into it by the sweet smell of freshly baked giant butter cupcakes. They cost 4MOP each and was fantastic, I didn’t get a photo of it because it didn’t look appetising but the smells were amazing.

macau pui kei

porkchop noodles

Yesterday, F and I went to check out this Thai restaurant called Chiang Mai, round the corner from the popular Portuguese restaurant A Petisqueira. Portions were generous and they do a good tom yum gung. We were also pleased that our pad thai didn’t come in the form of Chinese noodles, not authentic Thai as it was lacking lots of peanuts and the other garnish, but pretty good nonetheless. I’ll definitely go back to try out more of the menu—they have a huge photo album of all the dishes. I wouldn’t recommend ordering the fish cakes as they tasted a little odd even though they looked so crisp and delicious.
macau chiang rai prawn cakes

macau tom yam soup

macau pad thai

I don’t have the exact address for this Thai restaurant, but it’s small and local with lots of stickers on the glass door. It’s on the same street corner as A Petisqueira on Rua de S. João.

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