Food Film: Eat, Drink, Man, Woman


This Taiwanese classic is one of the greatest food movies and one I relate to closely: filial piety, obligations, the Asian family tradition of elaborate meals together. Mostly, I relate to the feelings of wanting to break free and get away, first from home, then Singapore. All of my childhood, I dreamt of leaving, ditching the guilt, regular self esteem beatings and lessons to become the ever overachieving child (because all this is good for you). I didn’t forget the sacrifices my parents made for me and then reiterating it to drive guilt into me about the debt I have to repay for existing today.

Someday, when and if I have children, they will owe me nothing because it would be a choice I made to become a parent.

Anyway, apart from the appeal to my emotional baggage, this film has brilliant cooking scenes, a wonderful plot and lots levels and emotional highs and lows.

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