Beijing Design Week / Design Triennale 2011 Roundup

No time for updates, as it is/was insanely busy and there is an unimaginable amount of work to be done.

Highlights from Beijing:

wang jing district beijing
Ramen Street in Wang Jing through November

heston blumenthal installation beijing design week 2011
The Story of Ernesto Bones, great pop up installation in Dashilar, featuring Heston Blumenthal’s creation for the story.

Well, on 微博 Chinese twitter, this is suppose to be the best gongbao chicken in town @ 峨眉酒家 at the junction of 地安门. It was good, but I couldn’t say it was the best I’ve had.
gongbao chicken

My favourite place in Beijing sends the Maserati out to pick me up from the airport and drop me off too, with high speed wifi in the car.


img_1600 Would love one of these Thomas Heatherwick Spun chairs!

And a whole set of these Dom Pérignon x Andy Warhol tribute champagne


beijing design week 2011

The Beijing Design Triennale is on through Oct 17, 2011 and definitely worth a visit. An impressive collection of works and well co-curated by European and Chinese designers, giving the show an overall balanced perspective of East and West.

Works were divided into these categories:


The museum opens at 9am and would recommend you go around 10am to avoid the long queues and hoards of people from noon onwards.

Best way to get to the National Museum West gate:
Would recommend going by subway exit A of East Tiananmen station, make a left and you’re almost there.

Taxis aren’t allowed to stop on that street and usually drop you off at Nanchizi lu, then you have to cross over and keep walking forward and then turn left (head to the west entrance)

Will update soon, meantime also so many new places I’ve been to and had amazing meals at all these fab places. Am off to another private kitchen TBLS for dinner and then some cosy spot to watch the fireworks tonight. Whoop whoop!

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