Singapore Bites: Lau Pa Sat

I haven’t been here in years since it’s a tourist trap coming out here for hawker food. V and J were recently in town from Shanghai so I met them the night I landed for a catch up over supper. Where else but La Pa Sat for some atmosphere.

Situated right at the heart of the CBD area, the huge structure was built in 1894. Some trivia: It is known to be the largest remaining Victorian filigree cast-iron structure in Southeast Asia.

I remember coming here for lunch often years ago when I was doing my stint at Ogilvy over university summer holidays and haven’t been for at least 10 years now.. having been away for the last 7. yikes.

The food is still pretty good, although prices are steep for hawker fare. A tourist trap, but I have to admit an experience worth taking your visitors to, if just for the unique architecture.

singapore lau pa sat satay

Overcooked and tough satays. Disappointing.

Our otak otak was a little soft, but the sambal sting ray really brought our spirits up, washed down with ice cold tiger beer.

singapore otah lau pa sat

otak otak

singapore sambal stingray lau pa sat

sambal stingray

singapore lau pa sat char kueh teow

I haven’t had a good plate of char kway teow in years, the last was probably at ghim moh market. Lai Heng Char Kway Teow is one of the most popular stalls situated inside and the uncle has set up his station to cool off from the greasy frying by having a water feature running down the glass panels surrounding his wok. Very clever.

18 Raffles Quay, Lau Pa Sat

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